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How Do You Get Organized?

Spring is here! When you think about spring cleaning, we suggest you expand your To Do List to include organizing your personal and estate contact information, holding family discussions about your estate, and completing your estate and elder law planning.

To help make this easier for you, we provide the following basic lists of vital life data – i.e., whom to notify when you die, your burial wishes and religious preferences, locations of important documents, and related matters – to have accessible in one place for your family and others who need to know.

Part I – Your Life Data

  • Name
  • Address / legal residence
  • Telephone number(s) – land line, mobile phone
  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Birthplace and date of birth
  • Name of spouse and all living next of kin:
    • Children
    • Siblings
    • Parents
    • Your family tree / heirs: name, contact info, SSN
  • Parents:
    • Date of birth
    • Date of death
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Other children of your parents (your siblings)
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • If you are a veteran:
    • VA claim number
    • Serial number
    • Discharge date and place
Part II – Contacts Upon Your Death
Name, title, company, phone, email for your:
  • Religious advisor
  • Funeral home director and those handling other arrangements (i.e., bequest to medical science)
  • Family attorney
  • Family accountant / tax advisor
  • Executor of your will
  • Trustee of your trust
  • Health and life insurance agent and company
  • Close friends and relatives to be notified

And don’t forget this important information:

  • Passwords for computer access and online accounts
  • Location of your hard copy address book with other important names and contact information.

Your loved ones will be grateful that you gathered all of this information to help them through the difficult time of your passing.

Being organized is thoughtful, loving, and also beneficial to your own peace of mind.

Call my office if we can help you further.

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